Beauty Is Inside


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Beauty Is Inside

Love yourself for what is inside not how those on the outside view you 🙂


Weight Loss Struggles


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As we age our struggle with self-image and weight loss escalate and most times can send us into a power struggle with our self, or worse into a state where we are unhappy with who we have become. I find myself on a daily basis using the statements “I’m fat,” “I need to lose weight,” “I wish this part of my body were different,” and a multitude of other sayings that are always negative. While I may believe that I am JUST affecting myself, I have quickly learned that there is one little person I am affecting as well. My daughter is my biggest fan and despite my unhappiness with myself she see’s the beauty deep within. When I look into her face I am reminded of the innocence that she provides this world and I know then that I don’t want to teach her that beauty is defined by clothes, makeup, hairstyles, the media or any measure of outward appearance. The next time you feel as if you are unhappy with your self for any reason, remember the innocence that a child has and how truly beautiful you are based on your soul and heart.

Beauty Is In The Eye of The Beholder


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Every girl regardless of age or ability deserves to be and feel beautiful. In my thirty years of life I have learned that in order to be beautiful a girl has to first feel that way from the inside out. Many of my friends because of their life that has included marriages, children, deployments, family drama, going back to school, and just a multitude of other day to day problems, have lost sight of the beauty that is truly right in front of them. In spite of the media telling us that it takes us being 5’9 and a size 0 who eats one time a week, we are beautiful and able to feel that way each and every day. My goal with my YouTube channel, this blog, and my Twitter account are to remind all the MOMS out there, that beauty is not out of your reach and we can rekindle the beauty of our youth.

Look past the fact that you either are not in your 20’s any more, or that you have absolutely no time to put makeup on or fix your hair. There are quick and easy ways to be beautiful without a lot of effort and spend the day positive in yourself rather than feeling down and out. I hope to give just one woman a renewed sense of strength in the beautiful woman that she truly is and always has been. Go beyond who everyone tells you that you are and be who God truly tells you that you are. When you feel like you are not beautiful today, I hope you come here or my YouTube channel and find one piece of something to brighten up your day.

Love & Beauty!